Online Audition

Setup your free online audition! Easily manage all your applicants in one place.

How does it work?

  • Create an Employer profile
  • Post your job describing the audition requirements and conditions on the JobMarket

Should your CONTACT INFO be visible in the job add or not?

  • CONTACT INFO VISIBLE AFTER ARTIST LOGIN: Artists apply to your artistPlex inbox. You are notified per e-mail. Manage applicants in your artistPlex inbox, keeping the full picture on one page.
  • CONTACT INFO VISIBLE IN THE JOB ADD: Artist will se the job add and will apply to your e-mail address. Manage applications from your e-mail inbox.

Copy the URL (page link) of your newly posted job and paste it the social media and forums. E-mail us at and we will also post it on our Facebook page. Artists will be directed to your artistPlex audition account! Easy.


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